DIY Fridge efficiency

(meant for homes, not commercial)
Getting a new fridge is an easy way of making your fridge more efficient
but that is not an option for everyone.

So here are some additional ways to make your fridge more efficient
To keep things cold when I’m shopping
when I’m checking out
I put things in to like these reusable lunch cooler bags
could also use a regular cooler
and they also make special reusable shopping bags
that are made for hot and cold items
you’ll want to get your items put away as soon as you can when you
get home from the store
I also like to refrigerate my vegetables and fruit
to keep them fresh and keep bugs out of them
I keep a list of some the things I keep in the fridge and freezer
so you don’t have to keep opening it
For cleaning up around the outside of the fridge I move some of the magnets
to a different surface that is also magnetic attractive
keep your fridge coils clean and
make sure you have enough space on all sides
at least one inch
or at least 3 centimeters
keep the fridge door closed as much as possible
and keep the magnetic strips clean to make sure it has a good seal
let hot food items cool down a little bit
they’re covered in containers
to keep moisture out
but get them in the fridge soon enough so germs don’t collect

Keep heat sources away from the fridge including stoves, hot plates, microwaves, coffee makers, bread makers and toasters as much as possible

keep your room thermostat at a reasonable level

make sure you have the fridge settings properly adjusted
This fridge is set at the cold setting, not the coldest and it is staying in the proper range about 33 or 34 Fahrenheit about 1 degree celsius which is above freezing and well below where food will spoil fast.

leave the switch to get rid of extra moisture off if present as this actually creates heat

The problem with ice cube trays is if they’re not
completely covered the ice will evaporate and it will also make your freezer work harder.

Since I don't have my freezer completely full of food, to make it more efficient I have freezer packs I bought as well as homemade energy saver water

First we can clean or rinse out the container
there is no need to take off the label

I'm going to write energy saver water one each of these.
you can use water straight from the faucet or you can use filtered water.

make sure it is cold.

You might want to use filtered incase you drink it later

I'm filling it about 2/3 full

That way the water can expand when it freezes

make sure to get the lids on them

so the moisture don't go into the freezer which makes it work harder

most sealable containers will work.
Don't use cleaning chemical containers.
Soda pop containers must be refilled with water 2/3 full.

put the energy saver water into the freezer.

(Door shuts)

If you do get a more energy efficient fridge don't keep the old one or a second fridge or freezer.
Properly recycle the old one.