Lincoln School

I went to school in another district when younger so all Lincoln School in Brainerd looks like to me is a building that is blighted, poor accessibility, and too expensive to maintain. I use to go there to vote, but the building isn't even suitable for that, elections were moved away years ago. It definitely isn't suitable for housing, from what I learned as a former Brainerd housing commissioner (unless torn down and new housing built in place).

The school I went to Onamia Elementary when I was young. Some people (not as much for me) had fond memories of the building(it was also a high school at one time). The building was in poor condition, expensive to maintain, and a fire hazard. Only part of the building had some accessibility. A new voter approved school was built in 1992 in that school district. The building has a state of the art computerized geothermal heating and cooling system, and no public stairs. A computer controls the temperature for each classroom and the heat pump pipes go through the playing fields in the back of the school. Clocks that sync automatically, phones, intercom, and a sink with a water fountain in every classroom. Later computers in every classroom.
Efficiencies were also gained by having elementary and high school physically linked together.
The old building was eventually torn down and years later houses were built that generated tax revenue.
The high school and elementary in Onamia were also significantly renovated in 2013.
I work in an after school program in Brainerd and get to see kids having fun, however I also get to see the problems repeated of being in an old maintenance deferred building.