Situation in Twin Cities

I am saddened to see what has happened in the Twin Cities over the past week. I am writing this as an outsider looking in, although I have visited Minneapolis and Saint Paul on better days

Like most other people, do not like and was saddened by what had happened to George Floyd while in police custody. Nor did I like seeing the riots wrecking parts of the communities that damage has already been done as far as years of disparities, there are now more disparities for those since they not only have to build more trust and fairness but have to physically rebuild as well.

I do not agree with curfews. especially for adults. I was and am against the curfew (different in nature that it is just on grounds and allows residents to go in and out) in my building I live in, in Brainerd, that is still mostly in effect to this day. I still try to follow the rules as best I can though. I do not agree with militarization of the city. I also do not agree with use of tear gas or mace in any circumstance.

I post the information on the curfew to try to make sure people are aware of it and so less people get hurt. It also shows a community getting together as well as helping cleaning the mess.

There is some hope seen with the spirit in the peaceful protests. Also some hope with the actions taken by the removal of the officers involved from their jobs, the arrest and charges, and the call to get rid of these inequities.