Pizza Plus

Quality Pizzas that are wholesome, tasty and made-from-scratch. Thu-Mon
PIZZA PLUS was established in 1984. thirty seasons
"good food that's good for you". I trust it's reflected in Pizza Plus'
trade-mark buttermilk whole wheat
dough, olive oil in many menu items, lo-fat mozzarella cheese, and the use
of fresh vegetables. The Veggie pizza has survived and thrived because it
tastes so good! In keeping with our goal, no extra salt is added to any menu item. ('Cept desserts, cuz ya gotta) If this is a taste you crave, just shake some on. The 'Plus' in our name refers to the little additional sides we've created for
almost any 'za you order as well as the desserts. Be sure and give one a try. Thanks again for helping to make owning and operating PIZZA PLUS such a worthwhile adventure.


521 Main St
Onamia , MN 56359
United States
Phone: (320) 532-7642
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